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Please see our available animals below. Once you find an animal you are interested in please click the Adopt button or fill out and submit an Online Foster / Adoption Pet Application.

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Thank YOU for considering Adopting!!


When you adopt one of our animals from ODAAT, your adoption fee’s cover the next animal in need we take in. Our fees are based on age, not breed. We rescue ANY animal in need. We also take in the worst of the worst abuse and neglect cases. Rarely do we get an animal in that has even seen a vet.


ALL of our dogs are:

  • wormed
  • brought up to date on all 3 vaccines
    • bordatella
    • distemper
    • rabies
  • Lymes tested at 6 months and pre-treated without symptoms with 30 days of doxycycline if they test positive.
  • Spay/neutered
  • microchipped

At 5 years of age all dogs get, in addition to the above:

  • pre op blood work
  • dental exam and extractions when needed.

ALL animals will be altered prior to adoption… no exceptions unless deemed medically unable to be by a veterinarian.

Dog Fees

Adoption fees for dogs must be taxed. It is PA Sales tax at the rate of .06 on a dollar.

  • 3 years of age and under- $300
  • 4-7 $250
  • 8 and above $200


Our cats are tested for:

  • fiv/felv
  • Updated on vaccines
  • wormed
  • spay/neutered
  • microchipped

Cat Fees

All cats adoption fees are $75 no matter what the age.

Trust us when we say that as a non profit… we spend so much more on vetting than the fees we charge. We are continuously doing fundraisers to offset the costs of our daily operations and our medically needy animals.

Adoption is so very important to our rescue, it opens up our foster homes to make room for another animal in need.

We cannot do what we do without YOU!

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